You can extend the span of your life

“You can extend the span of your life by only so much. With meditation, however, you can expand the scale of it- two-, three-, fourfold. So, if you live for 60 years but you lived twice as “big” in each moment – it will be like living 120 years. This is not some impossible state of attainment. It is something that any ordinary person can do.” ~Shinzen Young


Coming to Colorado for the first time: Resilience Training! Summer 2012  Stay Tuned...


RT 2012 is July 12- Aug 30, Thursdays @ 7:00-9:00pm

The Original Resilience Training included sessions in: Psychiatry, Therapy, Exercise Physiology & Nutrition.

Colorado Grant Health Psychodynamics Resilience Training includes sessions in:

Psychiatry, Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Quantum Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Lifestyle Enhancement, Stress Reduction, NOR Brain Training & MORE!

Nutrition: Kelly Calabrese, CN

Exercise Physiology: Cindy White

Massage Therapy: Emilia Courtright, RMT

NOR Brain Training: Jim Frasier

Psychiatry Therapy, Quantum Biofeedback: Laurie Grant, PA-C, MBS


The origin of the word psychodynamics comes from the ancient Greek word “Psych”, meaning the spirit or soul. More recently it has been interpreted to be more akin to mind, thoughts and intellectual processes. Dynamics is about energy, and in this context refers to internal forces. 

Psychodynamics is a concept that underlies the practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy. This form of therapy can be useful for relieving internal conflict that is interfering with a person's ability to live life fully. It can lead to gaining personal insights & improved functioning and relationships.