You can extend the span of your life

“You can extend the span of your life by only so much. With meditation, however, you can expand the scale of it- two-, three-, fourfold. So, if you live for 60 years but you lived twice as “big” in each moment – it will be like living 120 years. This is not some impossible state of attainment. It is something that any ordinary person can do.” ~Shinzen Young


Research on MBSR RT and Mindfulness:

Significant research on the effectiveness of MBSR has been done in the 30 years since its inception. In the last ten years, specific research has shown the benefits of meditation to increase immune efficiency, improve sleep, decrease anxiety and depression, improve overall quality of life as well as treat a number of specific illnesses. In addition, this research has shown that meditation affects the neuro-functioning of the brain.

April 2011 Institute for Noetic Sciences – Noetic Now
Self-Directed Neuroplasticity: A 21st-Century View of Meditation by Rick Hanson, PhD

Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011 IN THE NEWS– Mindfulness meditation training changes brain structure in 8 weeks. Mass. General-led study shows changes over time in areas associated with awareness, empathy, stress.

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  • Jeff gives a beautiful talk at TEDx on science, spirituality and how to eliminate human suffering in our lifetime. Check this one out.