You can extend the span of your life

“You can extend the span of your life by only so much. With meditation, however, you can expand the scale of it- two-, three-, fourfold. So, if you live for 60 years but you lived twice as “big” in each moment – it will be like living 120 years. This is not some impossible state of attainment. It is something that any ordinary person can do.” ~Shinzen Young


Laurie empowers you to discover your own capacity to find balance in the midst of any extreme stress, manage your energy & discover your inspiration, insight, intuition & creativity. She guides you as you tap into your own hidden inner resources through simple, natural mind-body-spirit techniques. You are able to apply these practices anywhere, anytime.

Regular practice focuses on the scientific aspects of mind-body-spirit chemistry as well as meditative technique. Laurie has formally studied & deeply explored spiritual meditation herself for over 40 years, she is gifted with the natural ability and reliable access to inner states through dedicated practice involving body, mind, breathing & focused attention. With many years of intense study of neurobiology, brain plasticity, bioenergy, brain chemistry, psychiatry and many related subjects, she teaches the external scientific validation for your inner experience and state of awareness.

Stay tuned for upcoming: Intuition Insight Programs as well as Medical Intuition Training